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  • Dogs and cats fighting for a camembert, observed by mice in 1982

    8 October 2017

    A complicated situation between domestic animals, which a happy music can not pacify.
    Instrumental music, 2017, 1’52s. Improvisation by Benoît Labourdette (synthesizers).

  • Books

    5 October 2017

    To live in a universe made of white noise, which suddenly begins to beat like the heart.
    Instrumental music, 2017, 3’45s. Improvisation by Benoît Labourdette (synthesizers).

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  • Hollander factory : Heritage days

    16 September 2017

    Show of the films “Photos of the worksite” and “Me and my ghosts” within the framework of Heritage Days.
    The Hollander factory in Choisy-le-Roi in the Parisian suburbs is an old leather goods from the end of the 18th century. Today, it houses a theater and numerous artists’ studios. Painters, musicians, sculptors, actors, architects, illustrators, photographers, costumers, scenographers share this place on the banks of the Seine.
    Within the framework of Heritage Days at the Hollander factory, on the weekend of September 16-17, 2017, photographer and visual artist Myriam Drosne presents (...)

  • France culture : program “Matter to Think” by Serge Tisseron

    15 September 2017

    How can technologies help us think ? Focus on video to mobile phone. Discussion between Serge Tisseron and Benoît Labourdette.
    Serge Tisseron, a psychoanalyst specializing in images and robotics among others, offers since September 2017 a weekly program on France Culture “Matter to Think” is a 45-minute discussion with a technology specialist.
    A thought in action Serge Tisseron offered to talk with him on his second show (but his first recording!), About the creative appropriation of the camera in mobile phones. In this discussion, we propose a philosophical approach to the use of (...)

  • Ciné Lab # 6: “New usages, digital cultures. What (R) evolution for cinemas?”

    7 September 2017

    Day of reflection and common development of innovative projects, for cinema operators and mediators.
    The ACRIRA and the GRAC (Rhône Alpes region), within the framework of their “Ciné Lab # 6”asked me to participate in the animation of a day of reflection, questioning and development of concrete projects to imagine new practices for cinemas. The participants were film operators and mediators.
    This day was proposed, designed and co-hosted by Amaury Piotin (ACRIRA) and Isabelle Perez (GRAC ). It was held at La Vence Scène in Saint-Egrève.
    Conference on Digital Issues The morning was devoted to (...)

  • Jealousy

    19 August 2017

    A so negative feeling...
    A film by Benoît Labourdette (2’38s, silent, 2017).

  • Fire (white monkey)

    8 August 2017

    At night, when anxiety is there, if one dares to look beyond the ashes of life, one can see an image of salvation.
    A film by Benoît Labourdette (3’14s, 2017).

  • Ile-de-France leisure centers: cartoon workshops

    31 July 2017

    Animation animation workshops for the public of leisure centers.
    In the summer of 2017, the Ile-de-France Region organized screenings of outdoor films in four leisure centers, which were preceded in the afternoon by artistic workshops. Arcadi Ile-de-France has produced several workshops in this framework, including two animated animation workshops that I have proposed (leisure base of Port-aux-Cerises and leisure center of Val-de-Seine) .
    A workshop without registration These workshops were visible to the general public thanks to a very visible signage, indicating: “Make your cartoon”. (...)

  • City of Clermont de l’Oise : shooting of a film with drone

    28 July 2017

    Workshop of film making with drone for a group of teenagers in Clermont de l’Oise.
    ACAP (Pôle Image Picardie), within the framework of the Passeurs d’Images system and in collaboration with the Center socio-culture de Clermont de l’Oise, offered me to animate a filmmaking workshop with a drone for one group of teenagers, during a week of the summer school holidays of 2017.
    The film directed, “War chronicles” (11 minutes), is viewable here. Here are some insights into my method of conducting this workshop.
    Purpose The first words that I spoke when I met the young people were about the purpose (...)

  • Town of Mitry-Mory : drone workshop at Paul Langevin College

    4 July 2017

    Film shootings with drone during the end of year celebration of Paul Langevin college in Mitry-Mory.
    In Mitry-Mory in the Paris region (France), the Concorde cinema (led by Maëlig Cozic-Sova) initiates cultural collaborations with school structures, more thorough than the only “Collège au cinéma” system. An inaugural, original and atypical initiative, in consultation with the city’s youth department, was proposed on July 4, 2017 during the end-of-year celebration of the Collège Paul Langevin of Mitry-Mory: collective shootings of films with drone , Which I animated. The objective is to propose (...)

  • Vatos Locos Video: “Designing and implementing artistic practice projects to combat racism and discrimination”

    23 June 2017

    Vocational training for leaders, teachers and managers of social and cultural structures. Video as a Tool for Citizenship.
    The association Vatos Locos Video, directed by Ludovic Piette, has been involved in cultural activities around the cinema on the territory of Vitrolles for 15 years. We have been working since 2012 to implement citizen projects, in partnership with the Agency for Cultural Engineering Office (Emmanuel Vergès). This one-day training session was the first vocational training course for Vatos Locos Video. It took place in the new media library La Passerelle in Vitrolles. (...)

  • Canopé 92: Project of collaborative web documentary by nine classes

    31 May 2017

    Accompaniment of a collaborative web documentary project initiated by Canopé 92 for the teachers of nine classes in the Hauts-de-Seine department.
    A web documentary project co-directed by 250 children The Atelier Canopé 92 is at the origin of this collaborative web documentary project. The aim of this initiative is to fuel the national platform “Raconte ta ville”, which includes web documentaries produced by pupils from primary school to high school.
    A “web documentary” is an interactive multimedia documentary designed to be broadcast on the web. It allows the development of narrative and (...)

  • Femis: Exploring Virtual Reality 360°

    1 April 2017

    A week of exploration of Virtual Reality by a group of Femis and CNSAD students, leaded by Benoît Labourdette. Experiments, creations, reflections ...
    A philosophical and critical perspective, through playful explorations, to question the emergence of this new technology. This week was abundant and collaborative, it would take a long time to tell: writing, reading, film making, invention of diffusion devices, exploration of potential subjects with this technology, diversions... You can discover a selection of productions in this mini- site created for the occasion: (...)

  • CCAS: Animated films workshop on the theme of work

    19 February 2017

    Two animated films making workshops (filmed and commented drawings) for electric and gas industry workers on the theme of work.
    As part of its cultural activities, the Caisse Centrale d’Activites Sociales (the EDF works council) questions itself about amateur practices. Participatory proposals generally struggle to mobilize, which is why the CCAS is looking for innovative ideas in order to allow its employees to create and express themselves. Italso thinks about the topic of work and thought it could be interesting that her employees also think about it. It is in order to try to answer (...)

  • Poitiers film festival : writing workshop “Écrits sur Images”

    18 February 2017

    Writing workshop based around photographs. This project was part of the 8th international film festival Filmer le travail in the city of Poitiers and was supported by the CCAS, the works council of EDF.
    The workshop took place on the 17th and 18th of February 2017 in Poitiers, on the occasion of the 8th international film festival Filmer le travail. The CCAS, the works council of EDF, is a partner of the festival and financed this workshop as well as an itinerant screening of films which were made during two workshops animated in 2016 by Benoît Labourdette for the EDF staff. These films, (...)

Most viewed

  • Book: “Image education 2.0”

    13 October 2015

    “Image education 2.0” (under the direction of Benoît Labourdette), practical book of image education in the digital age, published by ACAP. Free download.
    Download the entire book (french).
    In line with the work of Jacques Rancière (“The ignorant master”, 1987) or Michel Serres (“Little Thumbelina”, 2012), among others, this book is a practical guide, open, offering one hand the construction of a thought on issues of image education in today’s society, and on the other hand ideas for concrete educational activities, contemporary and relevant.
    This book, under direction by Benoît Labourdette, (...)

  • Book : “Shoot a movie with your mobile phone”

    31 July 2008

    The first complete guide to filmmaking with mobile phones, Dixit publishing in 2008, which remains a reference. Free download.
    Download the complete book.
    I wrote this book to make it a concrete guide, technical as of shooting and directing. I have also written it keeping in mind that the technology would evolve rapidly. So, apart from the first chapter on phone models, all content of this book is always present.
    Book chapters Foreword How to choose phone Express guide for shooting with mobile phone Successful shooting with phone Successful editing Disseminate and keep his film (...)

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