ECLA Aquitaine : “Game of drones.” The drone, educational tool, creative tool ?

31 October 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Film workshop with drone during one week for a group of teenagers, to make music clips, and more...

ECLA Aquitaine, under the “Passeurs d’images” dynamic, driven by Virgine Mespoulet, wished to propose an innovative film workshop with drone, for a group of teenagers and facilitators. In order for the films to be “useful”, to have meaning, I proposed that we work with a musician, so that young people would make a music video for him with drone, and that films can be broadcast, really, after the workshop.

The musician was Guillaume Martial. The workshop was held at the Rock of Palmer place for modern music in Cenon (near Bordeaux - France).

I chose to go through many experiences to participants, rather than making a single “well done” film. Indeed, the key in this type of workshop is not “quality” or the resulting films, but the depth of which was acquired by participants : evolution of their representations, skills acquisition, confidence per se, etc.

Several milestones were reached during this week :

  • Collective thoughts on the issues of automatic image.
  • Tests and handling of the drone : everyone has filmed with it. It is an object quite impressive.
  • Piloting the drone by everyone.
  • Repairing the drone !
  • Creation of a collective sequence shot movie.
  • Production of a first musical clip, the music being broadcast at half speed and accelerated the film in the end, in order to have more shooting time.
  • Production of individual self-portraits : one shoots the other, who is lying on the ground, and then records his voice on these pictures.
  • Production of a second musical clip, more elaborate, with collective editing.
  • Organization of a projection of the films at the end of the week : very important moment.
Peur (film collectif)
Clip “Utopies de printemps”
Autoportrait - Alexis
Autoportrait - Benoît
Autoportrait - Gregory
Autoportrait - Marine
Autoportrait - Jean-Michel
Autoportrait - Léo
Autoportrait - Pierre
Autoportrait - Antoine
Autoportrait - Sarah
Clip “Est-ce que c’est grave ?”
The drone is “democratizing”, begins to enter our lives. The world seen from above, the real world through this flying eye, disembodied, as in our vision of virtual worlds... our representation of the world is changing because of this new “look”, which is spreading.But what is the point of view of this disembodied eye ? What political position holds on it ? What new aesthetic derived ? What relationship to the body, to the territory, to the architecture, is deployed there ? In short, what is happening to our viewpoint ?It seems important to me to explore the use of these machines in their (...)