Infilmement small festival : drone workshop for teenagers

21 March 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Explorer and challenge the imagination of the drone into action by the realization of a collective film.

Infilmement small festival

As part of the 4th edition of the film festival for high school students Infilmement small festival, I proposed a Movie Making workshop with drone. This high-quality festival focuses on creativity, the singular writings. He was born the suggestion of Serge Tisseron, resting on the concepts of Festival Pocket Films which I am the founder.

Drone Exploration

The drone is a “viewing object” (among others) that happens in our lives, in daily life, and will produce more pictures around us, which induce our representations. I think offer the exploration, from the start of the creative potential with this tool is a necessary educational step.

Instructional Procedures

Two two-hour workshops with two small groups of teenagers (mostly fourth).

After a discussion on the issues of the drone and image shooting tests in the room where we were seated, I proposed youth to imagine, from this material, to invent an idea of ​​the film, location and interpretation, with the drone. The two groups have worked mainly on the theme of fear. They decided the canvas of the script, telling me how they wanted me to pilot the drone and were actors in the film.

The work was done through improvisation on the canvas, in two or three shots, with adaptations after viewings of the result. The drone does not record sound, which allowed to talk during filming. We recorded the soundtrack by viewing the film. The visuals and soundtrack are both sequence shots. No editing was done, except to put the two together.


The two films were showed in the festival night before the awards. Both groups have seen each other’s work. There were other young people (who had attended other workshops in the afternoon), who discovered the movies.

From the start, these films were made, presented as such, to be shown publicly, which invites participants to more investment in labor.

Result of the workshop

The challenge of such a type of workshop is not to make the films “the most perfect possible” (incidentally, in two hours for a group of 15 people, it would be difficult), but to tackle, in concentrated form, fun and real (for public screening of the film), the problem of the image with the new technologies. What matters is the strength of the lived experience of each, from which every person will make his own path, his own development.

Drone attacks


I used for this workshop the drone Parrot Bebop, latest generation, which produces extremely unique images, “robotic”, quite fascinating to explore. It is my first use of this drone. It also has the great advantage of not being dangerous in a collision with a human, which is essential to offer a workshop !

The drone is “democratizing”, begins to enter our lives. The world seen from above, the real world through this flying eye, disembodied, as in our vision of virtual worlds... our representation of the world is changing because of this new “look”, which is spreading.But what is the point of view of this disembodied eye ? What political position holds on it ? What new aesthetic derived ? What relationship to the body, to the territory, to the architecture, is deployed there ? In short, what is happening to our viewpoint ?It seems important to me to explore the use of these machines in their (...)