Pocket Films Workshop at the social house of Prés-St-Martin (Savigny-sur-Orge / France)

7 May 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

At the initiative of Peggy Nacitas, in the MJC (House of Young people and Culture) of Savigny-sur-Orge (France), I proposed “Pocket Films” workshops, for young people aged 11 to 14 years.

On 7 May 2013, a day of production workshop “Pocket Films” at the House of St-Martin-Prés district of Savigny-sur-Orge. We were able to get us into an isolated small room. With young people, we turned it into a mini movie theater. Be at the heart of life, together in a protected space.


The morning, after a long discussion, I proposed the creation of a collective film, which they titled “The objects of the world.” A long shot together, where everyone had to shoot an object.


In the afternoon, the young people were highly motivated, so I made them make films on three themes:

  • Words (under Filming words), so that the films are released.
  • At their request, another collective film consisting of several sequences on the theme of shame.
  • And finally, interviews of objects filmed telling their life in voiceover.

Summary of the day

A rare involvement by young people, which has a rich work, deep, with great imagination, many films in a short time. Sometimes, some “magic” happens!

Films directed

Collective film

  • The objects of the world

Films under Filming words

  • Know-how (Morgan, Catherine, James)
  • The team class (Clayton, Omar Nabil)
  • Protecting Your friend (Peter Gerald, Mehdi)
  • That (Clement, Joel Kamel Yassine)

Film on a common theme

  • Shame

Interviews of objects

  • 1, 2, 3 objects (Clement, Joel Kamel Yassine)
  • The live ball (Peter Gerald, Mehdi)
  • Objects looking for a job (Clayton, Omar Nabil)
  • Live Objects (Morgan, Catherine, James)
I developed concepts of filmmaking workshops with handheld cameras to every kind of audiences including teenagers. Very effective, creative, rewarding for young people, so constructive, yet very fun. This is a practice that I change as and when changes in technologies, their uses and their problems, and I pass in professionnal training. I hosted since 2006, dozens of workshops implementation in the concept “Pocket Films”. Only a few recent examples are presented (...)