Women’s Film Festival in Créteil - Creation of a collective movie

17 March 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 2 min  

Making a collective movie by young people at the International Festival of Créteil Women’s Film.

The International Festival of Créteil Women’s Film offers annually a filmmaking workshop with mobile phone / camera, I lead.

Issues of production workshop

  • Invite the young participants to a demanding creative approach, over a short period of time.
  • Raise awareness of sexism issues, the importance of female expression in society.
  • Finalize a film that can be shared outside after the workshop, which therefore has a real existence outside the educational setting.

Proceedings of the session

  • A class of 28 students. To launch the energy and establish a space for expression and dialogue, I begin by asking movie titles they like, and I write them down on the screen. This is to give space to talk. We put there the framework of mediation : we listen to what comes from the other. The purpose of the workshop is to invite everyone to express themselves through film, so in my opinion, from the start we have to set up a space where the word is heard and everyone takes an importance in the collective space.
  • In addition, it allows to discover the film culture of the students, sometimes surprising, and to discover links with them we did not could have imagined. For example, the students in this class were surprisingly moviegoers, and one of them a big Stanley Kubrick fan. This establishes a real forum for dialogue between students and the facilitator, and between the students themselves (in this example, the others, who discover the existence of Stanley Kubrick).
  • Second, we seek the names of the directors of the films. We find very little, and is found in vast majority of men.
  • Then I ask why there are only very few women. One would like, right now, to hear the answers that would reassure us, but many girls say this is that women may be less inspiring than men, or they want to show less... A boy says it’s maybe the movie is old and dates from a time when men had more power. Being in listening, in dialogue, not in judgment, ie in the development, modest, a thought a little more specific political issue in the broadest sense of the relationship of the dominant culture instead of women. A simple and important discussion.
  • And we work with writing the screen as the role of the director, as I suggest them to be directors of a collective film, still have to first define what the director is.
  • Finally, I ask them the question of what movies provide them, and I note it on the screen.
  • From all this, we discuss the difference between amateur images of everyday life and artistic creation projects.
  • And we come to the preparation of the making of the film : a sequence shot in which the camera will pass from hand to hand, everyone will film a “female” object (a shoe and not a pen example - does not work in english !) and give him the floor, it is expressed on the screen on his life. So a playful proposal, but difficult as the film being made at once, you have a really great listen each other.
  • We made three successive, successful for three with watching the film, big, in the dark, between each shot. Thus, students are aware of what happens, what works, what does not work, and are highly motivated to make it again better.
  • The issue that I raised at the outset was that the film is released, it is not just an exercise, but a film they share. So, an hour after the workshop, I had put the film online at an address I had given them, so they can recover and do what they want with it.

A film that lives, a real film, made in three hours, in a simple approach technically, but artistically very demanding. Here it is :

I developed concepts of filmmaking workshops with handheld cameras to every kind of audiences including teenagers. Very effective, creative, rewarding for young people, so constructive, yet very fun. This is a practice that I change as and when changes in technologies, their uses and their problems, and I pass in professionnal training.I hosted since 2006, dozens of workshops implementation in the concept “Pocket Films”. Only a few recent examples are presented (...)