’Croizy’ Festival for positive disability : “Pocket Films” workshop

7 January 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

Filmmaking workshops on the theme of positive disability.

Croizy positive disability Festival

The Croizy Festival, dedicated to the “positive disability”, asked me to lead workshops filmmaking to teenagers. The challenge was to initiate the creative dynamic, to create a desire for participation, so that the competition films starts with energy.

Philippe Croizon

The festival, led by Stéphane Simon, is based on the experiences of Philippe Croizon, which is a person, the four members amputated following an accident, that has “bounced”, crossed the inning by swimming, became consultant for team building in companies, etc. An amazing life force. Philippe Croizon came to talk to youth about his career. And it is from this evidence that the films were created, in the direction of positive disability, to change attitudes towards people with disabilities.

Proceedings of the workshop

The production workshop held in Chatellerault. The youth group present was quite “fragile” in terms of motivation, the reception conditions (the room) were not optimal, but in this context, we have done our best :

  • Making a humorous collective film : film a part of his body and talk about why it would be better if we had not !
  • Films production in small groups: more difficult, time is very limited and “fragile” conditions of that day.

Despite these conditions, young people were hooked, have made films and screened them. Despite the short time and the fact that the workshop was “on the wire”, everyone went to the end of the project. This is in my opinion what is the most important. What matters is the fact that young people have gone through an experience, their films have been shown on the same day, collectively, they have participated in the festival, in short, that this proposal was enrolled in a concrete social space and rewarding.

Une meilleure vie d’handicapés
L’enfant sauve un handicapé
L’histoire de Philippe Croizon
I developed concepts of filmmaking workshops with handheld cameras to every kind of audiences including teenagers. Very effective, creative, rewarding for young people, so constructive, yet very fun. This is a practice that I change as and when changes in technologies, their uses and their problems, and I pass in professionnal training.I hosted since 2006, dozens of workshops implementation in the concept “Pocket Films”. Only a few recent examples are presented (...)