Program of Cameras Mobiles Festival 2012

17 October 2012. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 5 min  

The “mobile camera”, or “pen camera”, that everyone has now permanently in the pocket, is a myth that became reality in a few years... In this tidal wave informational become essential to the social and economic development, which place has the moving image, its creation, its dissemination ? which seizes the creative potential and what economic models ? This second edition of “Festival Cameras Mobiles” wishes to inform future of broadcasting in mobility and develop opportunities, creative and economical. A rich opportunity for exchanges and meeting around a shared dynamic, with and for audiovisual professionals from France, abroad and in the Rhône-Alpes Region.

Benoît Labourdette, CEO of “Cameras Mobiles”

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


9:30 Home

10am to 11am Conference Laurence Allard, sociologist Lecturer in Communication Sciences, a researcher at the University Paris 3-IRCAV teaches at the University of Lille 3
With 89% of mobile equipped with a camera, the mobile phone is the camera shooting the most widespread in the world with 5 billion textoteurs in the world, it is the technology of reading / writing the most heavily used in the world. It is expected that the use of cameraphone even precedes the use of SMS and voice in the years to come. Mobile practices are not creative by default, but they encounter problems of creation, while expanding the range of actors, spaces and products. By the means of production-distribution of images and text in the hands of more than 6 billion people on the planet, creative practices can emerge as they will re-create, divert or re-define the Routine uses of this technology polyfunctional. And these inventive uses of mobile phone made themselves in the ecosystem of contemporary transmedia practices across fields and records action articulating physical and écraniques spaces, street canvas, local and global. We will report on various projects in their own way deconstruct or reinvent different uses of mobile phones and thereby enrich the emerging forms of creation.

11am to 12pm forms of mobility or artistic creation of mobile applications
By Dominique Cunin, teacher at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs and ESAD
Research and practice being in the field of “new media art” also induce technical investigations: how to make art work for and with these devices? It is to observe the mobile screens as supports creation of interactive works. If the principles of operation of these devices are basically the same as a computer, their form, summarizing most often that of a screen, their size and technical capabilities require specific designs with appropriate tools. Preview a form of interactive contemporary artistic creation on mobile screens and tools.

14h to 16h Presentation of projects by Laurence Allard
In the presence Christopher Kirkley

  • Crowdvoice ( of Esra’a Al Shafei, founder of platforms for social change in the Middle East. Collection of mobile videos protests related to minority issues.
  • TXTual Healing ( Paul Nötzold: artist and designer in New York. Collective projections
  • SMS outdoors.
  • Walking the Edit {{}} ( by Ulrich Fischer: filmmaker, videographer, Swiss performer. Composition of a film through audiovisual fragments LBS: a part of the history of cinema, between augmented reality, rental media and mobile applications project.
  • Sahel Sounds ( Christopher Kirkley, ethnomusicologist. Collection and recomposition sounds of the Sahel and the Tuareg on mobile phones.

4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. State of play of the “mobile creation”: history, sociology, practices
Roundtable with the International Research Group Mobile Creation

  • Roger Odin, semiotician, a professor at the University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. Theorist, he works on amateur productions.
  • {{}} Laurence Allard, sociologist, lecturer in Communication Sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Culture in University of Lille 3. Specialist citizens and creative practices.
  • Benoît Labourdette, author, director, producer, creator of events, and expert in the field of new media. It was founded in France Festival Pocket Films {} published the book Turn your movie with a mobile phone and teach shooting techniques with mobile cameras in the Fémis at Fresnoy at ESAV ...

The first seminar “Mobile Creation” was held in June 2012 in Paris. The three organizers offer at this round table, inventory, rooted in the long history unknown amateur practices, which Roger Odin first gave his titles of nobility. Laurence Allard propose an answer in the exploration of social and creative practice at the time of the internet. Benoît Labourdette return to the act of creation itself, with shooting a participatory film.

20h The mobile cinema in all its forms / projection free entry
The mobile phone that is, or pocket-cam camera is used more and more often, to turn “professional” films, movies, television, or the Internet. In experimental and paradoxical at first, this tool, which is actually more a way of working as a technical tool in itself, leads to a lighter and more flexible more truthful spontaneously, produced works whose form and content are fully imbued with this new approach to creation.

  • The winning films contest Pocket Films, organized by Rhône Alpes Cinema on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
  • A selection of films made by students of Fresnoy, the Fémis and ESAV Toulouse in 2012 (unpublished).
  • A selection of new films shot with mobile phones in several countries (France, Angola, Spain, Algeria ...) within the framework of the initiative “Filming the words.”

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The transmedia in that it invokes a new public circulation either in an audiovisual work, but in a narrative between the various component screens in our media space, which is the actual route path our eyes today convene mobility is an essential body of the device at the time of distribution, but also production. This day is devoted to the role of mobile devices in professional issues, content, production, financing and perspectives. Ie the mobile not as himself, but considered in the overall project.

10am to 13pm Innovative Projects

  • CinemaCity presented by Pierre Cattan of Small Bang. A tour of Paris which offers the user to revise in situ on his mobile cult film scenes in the same place where they were shot, and replay.
  • Barcode Quark Productions. Barcode is a mobile web documentary that explores the everyday objects around 100 short films and original interactive device. Presented by Juliette Guigon, producer.
  • Mission spring Camera Lucida. Presented by Chloe Jarry producer. “The greatest experience of participatory science.”
  • Delta Sound of mu collective sound wanderings. Project to create location-sound environments disseminated helmet.
  • Teamto, production of animation series. Presentation of mobile projects by Guillaume Hellouin producer.
  • Project transmedia Foliascope of {{}} and {{}} Bayard presented by Pascal Le Nôtre, director.

14h to 15h30 Most of the Cross Video Days 2012
by Bruno Smadja {{}}, CEO of Mobile Event, creator of Mobile Film Festival of Mobile Video Days and Cross Video Days.

The Cross Video Days together for 3 years players transmedia / crossmedia Europe in Paris.
With this experience, Bruno Smadja this innovative and creative association of mobile Transmedia projects with European examples. There is on the candidate projects to Cross Video Days (211 projects from 26 European countries) that almost all gives an important role in mobile, especially the smartphone.
Four types can be distinguished:

  • The smartphone as a tool for interactivity.
  • The smartphone as a tool for monitoring and linked to the project through creative applications each time.
  • The smartphone as a creative tool. More rare and extremely innovative, through the video or photo.
  • The smartphone as a new screen, so “classic” for most projects.

Projects presented:

  • Afghan Lives, Magic Hour Films, Movies Grunnet, Denmark
  • Jurors, G-Com, Italy
  • The Seum, Briges, France
  • The Grannies, a walk in the woods, France
  • Mob.Is.Land, iamnewhere, Hungary

16h to 17h30 Round Table: New funding models
With Pauline Augrain, project manager, Multimedia Creation for New Media at the National Film Centre and the moving image, Catherine Puthod, special assistant to the Cinema and Audiovisual Rhône- Alps, Tanguy selo, director Imaginove cluster Rhône-Alpes, Guillaume Hellouin and Pascal Le Nôtre, producers.

Transmedia projects involving mobility are atypical projects, new both in their content and in their forms of production. Unique economic models must be invented as transmedia is not the translation of the television and film models.

18h end Pot
These events are free entry

  • Lux National Scene
    36 Boulevard du General de Gaulle
    26000 Valencia
    04 75 82 44 15


Cameras Mobiles is achieved with the help of the National Film Centre and the moving image and the partnership of the Rhône-Alpes Region, Imaginove, Rhone-Alpes Cinema and economic service Agglo Valence Sud Rhône-Alpes.

In collaboration with the Master Audiovisual and Digital Media Grenoble 3 of the Institute of Communication and Media / Grenoble 3, the School of Art and Design Grenoble and Valence.

Since its second edition, the Cameras Mobile Festival focuses on professional issues of mobility for content producers. This event is a tool for professionals. Help conceptualize, develop, finance, construct, transmedia audiovisual projects that fully exploit the potential of mobility, these are our goals. Based on meetings, case studies, researches...