Organisation of the Pocket Films contest - Imaginascience

1 June 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Inventing a competition of films shot with mobile phone in the framework of meetings of the scientific image Youth Imaginascience.

In the frame of Imaginascience, the team of Turbine Sciences, organizer of the event, was quick thought about the participative nature of the event, the actual involvement of young people in the territory.

I was asked and, from 2014, to offer workshops of making movies around the event, on the theme of scientific image (which in itself is a vast subject and debate, too!).

In 2015, for the third edition of Imaginascience, we worked to build the first stage of the competition : to make films by three high school classes as part of supervised workshops in which the students had great autonomy. These films would participate in the contest. And if the project worked (which was the case), it would be a foundation stone to build, from the following year a larger competition, more ambitious. Enter the direction of creative participation on territory actually rooted, takes time and is done step by step

About Imaginascience

Imaginascience : meetings of the scientific image for youth

This project is supported by “La Turbine sciences”, these meetings are defined as a laboratory of ideas. The practices of the image of science are being raised in commun. Discussions around the design status, purpose and ethics of the image of science.

These meetings are open to researchers, mediators and professional backgrounds
the image of science and working to youth.


  • Director of La Turbine Sciences : Philippe de Pachtère.
  • Organiser of Imaginascience 2015 : Anaïs Chery.
  • Pocket Films Competition Council, mediation, entertainment : Benoît Labourdette.

Imaginascience’s websites

Imaginascience is an annual event about the scientific image for youth, organized by Turbine Sciences (Cran Gevrier - Annecy - France). After have done filmmaking workshops with mobile phone in 2014, in 2015, Imaginascience proposed a film contest, that I helped to build and lead.