Flowers from the grave, video/organic installation, Garden Festival of Chaumont sur ​​Loire

8 May 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 0 min  

Video-vegetal installation.

Into the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur Loire, the landscape architect Jean-Philippe Poirée-Ville has created a vegetable sculpture, in a basement, as a large liana levitating in the dark. I worked on this piece for the video part. The plant is illuminated at night by strong spotlights and is visited on the day, in its night. Films that I made ​​for or adapted, are projected into this plant, in all directions (6 automated picos projectors arranged, invisible for the visitor). These are films without visible external frame, worked on a black background, so it creates in the space of the plant, an abstract moving space, quite fascinating, it seems.

With Maëlla-Mickaëlle Maréchal.

This installation was made ​​from 5 May to 2 November 2014.

Photos and video can make very bad account of the depth of space, and many successive planes of images. This work is probably unrepresentable. It is necessary, to perceive in all its dimensions, to be there, live it. Or maybe try to shoot in 3D.

Because of the mechanical nature of its technical function, photography is for me a matter of time rather than a visual matter : in its silver salts, or its pixels today, it is time which is captured, preserved, reinvented at every glance. Time of life, time of vision, time of poetry.Painting is the original material of plastic work, which is intimately connected with photography, because it also contains the time of its gesture and its imagination.Artistic installation, the existence in space and time of artistic forms is crucial because it is the way in which the work is modified by (...)