Let’s imagine a moment - Episode 5

Imaginons un instant - Episode 5 A film by Benoît Labourdette (2’59s, 2009). Let’s imagine for a moment that this wall is a lawn... thumbnail Benoît Labourdette
23 November 2009. Published by Leny Müh.

Let’s imagine for a moment that this wall is a lawn...

In a simpler daily newspaper, perhaps less allegorical than in previous films.

Also go in concrete, almost a simple architectural project. The influence, no doubt, of a discussion with Carole Desbarats about the job of fluid engineer, particularly in the Paris subway, which concerns her closely.

Sound research on the relationship between voice and sound atmospheres (metro movements) and off-field subway sound. And insertion of direct sound on the generics. The only sound in the film is live sound.

“Let’s imagine for a moment that this broom is a human being”, “let’s imagine for a moment that this pavement is a sun”, “let’s imagine for a moment that the night doesn’t exist”... in everyday life, incongruous and surrealistic visions of the world. Twenty and one sequence shots, shot in 2009, in which I film myself, as I travel through life’s peregrinations, imagining by words a fiction based on the reality I am crossing. I made this series with an innovative tool, the “Zoom Q3”, the first pocket camera equipped with an excellent quality microphone. It was this camera that invited me to do a work (...)