“Image carriers” Brittany - Training “portable cinema”

28 June 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

At the invitation of the UFFEJ Britanny (Laurence Dabosville), I proposed a day of training for project managers “Smugglers images” of the Britanny region (France), on the potential of the “mobile projection.”

Issues of the training

  • * Why is the issue of image education today has shifted to the question of the distribution rather than production.
  • * How to design, implement, make sense, animate projects broadcasting.
  • * How appropriate digital tools download movies and mobile projection.
  • * How to address the issue of broadcasting rights.
  • * How, in general, give meaning to our actions “legitimate culture”, in the light of massive audiovisual practices of young people today.
  • * In short, how to propose, in the context of image education, practices that now illuminate the daily practices of everyone, which are to produce, distribute, circulate, all kinds of images and sounds.

Context and organization

This day of “Regional Grouping images smugglers Britain” took place in the context of Documentary Festival Mellionnec.

This day was accompanied by Laurence Deloire, Advisor cinema DRAC Brittany Region, the Commission highlighted the legal possibilities for use of films and extracts in school in France.

After training, participants could be present in the evening we put into practice the work with a pico-projector.

Workshop Ideas

A synthesis of ideas developed together during the day.
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Text presentation of the training

Presentation by Benoît Labourdette of “Workshops projection portable movie”

These workshops are to make the organizers participants projections for which they choose movies, places, organize screenings in places which they consider the most relevant with respect to their public, thanks to portable video projection technology.

With this example, it is both bring experience and a new tool, and ask:

  • The establishment of a proposed cultural action film over a given territory, with its public and its constraints.
  • Reclaiming public space.
  • The possibility of participatory and creative projects under Smugglers Images.
  • The choice of films (that show How Ya-til legitimate or not works??).
Design and delivery of professional training in the field of image education, for teachers, facilitators, responsible for educational facilities, cultural and social, and cinema theater directors.With the new technology tools, to “connect” with the practices of youth and enlighten.