National Meeting of coordinators School and Cinema: “Image education 2.0”

8 October 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 2 min  

Benoît Labourdette Conference and workshop on the development of image educational practices in the digital era.

Each year the association Children of cinema, coordinator of the plan School and cinematographic organizes a national meeting (3 days), bringing together teachers, institutional leaders and cinema operators to work together for the meaning and deployment of the plan, and to provide very practical tools for its operators.

For the National Meeting of coordinators School and Cinema in 2015, I proposed a conference called “Image education 2.0” (the title of the book I just published by Editions of ACAP Pôle Image Picardie), whose subject is the inclusion in image educational practices of technological change and use of images, so the development of the function, artistic and social of the image, as well as the evolution of the relationship of each to the images. Images now do not the exact same things as before, so the aim of “Image education” can only evolve. But how, where, and why ? And what new practices to imagine and offer, which make full sense in the nowadays issues ?

The conference was introduced by Pauline Chasserieau, from ACAP Pôle Image Picardie, editor of the book « Image education 2.0 » and ended with the first book distribution to participants, so it was also the official launch of this book.

Then, in the afternoon, for those who were registered there, two workshops filmmaking with mobile phone were proposed, led by myself and Cécile Nhoybouakong from association The Light Sisters and a workshop Mashup Table led by Romuald Beugnon.

The full program of the Ecole National Meeting and 2015 is downloadable here.

Presentation texts

“Image education 2.0”: a new paradigm for the pedagogy of image

At the time of the massive use of the images by the young public, the image education is more necessary than ever in the school course. Digital technologies are revolutionizing all practices, including pedagogy, especially in its relation to the moving image : we are not just spectators but more and more players of a new media system, with the proliferation of cameras in the pockets of each particular. Some philosophical, conceptual and pedagogical foundations of methods of transmitting culture, knowledge and practices of image are to re-examine, in the light of a context that has already deeply mutated. This requires among others by renewed practices. But why and how ? Elements of reflection and concrete proposals.

Pocket Films workshop

Potential of mobile phones for image education. Put into practice. Methodological elements and technical elements to implement by oneself.

Work around a movie with MashupTable

Reinvention of film analysis, critical construction, through the intervention on concrete elements of the film itself through an innovative and fun tool : MashupTable. Experimentation and concrete ideas for image education.

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Design and delivery of professional training in the field of image education, for teachers, facilitators, responsible for educational facilities, cultural and social, and cinema theater directors.With the new technology tools, to “connect” with the practices of youth and enlighten.