Maison des métallos : film night courses

8 January 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

The maison des métallos, cultural institution in the city of Paris, greeted me as part of the event “Fine speakers” for a mobile cinema projection in neighborhood, a night journey to discover amazing and new films on the walls, in the courtyards...

  • Wednesday, 8 January 2014 at 18h.
  • Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 18h.
    Maison des métallos : 94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris. France

Presentation text

A session film like no other ! Projection + Mulled Wine
Benoît Labourdette, atypical director, producer and founder of several film festivals, invites you to a meeting like no other. At dusk, go for a mobile , playful and poetic journey through the neighborhood to discover short films projected on the walls, doors, sidewalks, windows . The opportunity to experience a rare experience : discover a selection of films that are resonating with a territory.

Movies meeting a neighborhood... Since 2011, I propose “night journey” travelling projections of short films in a district building. No installation, these projections are made using a pico-projector (portable projectors). This is the “mobile projection”. Exploit this new technology yet, these mini projectors that will soon equip our phones, for moments of encounter between works, place, people. Night courses were held in France and Belgium : Festival Pro Via Mons, Festival d’Avignon, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Screenwriters Festival, Agglomeration Evry, Maison des métallos, Travelling Rennes (...)