DCP building (Digital Cinema Package)

4 November 2012. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

We produce DCP (Digital Cinema Package) of movies, ie digital copies for projection in theaters.

Very precise standards

Standards projection in theaters, either at the picture and sound are extremely accurate. This is a great opportunity for the works, which are due to this normalization, very well respected (35mm better than before) was much insurance before the rendering quality and projection.

But for the films “out” on the large movie screen, they must be upstream, of the highest possible quality. This is obviously simple in principle, but in practice, with the huge variety of formats, the task of adapting the standards of digital cinema can be quite complex to achieve a good result. How DCP are redone several times before work ... how much money spent needlessly trips to the laboratory tests and unhappy indoor ... How projections canceled ... how many disappointments in terms of quality...

But more importantly, how much joy authors and spectators facing a magnificent theatrical!

We support you with our expertise, knowledge of the techniques of silver as well as the digital technologies, so your DCP are the best in the theater.

The work is not so much in making itself the DCP proposed by many laboratories, in the proper preparation of audiovisual elements for digital cinema.

Problems commonly encountered with DCP

  • Poor lighting and poor contrast of the image on the movie screen (picture too light or too dark).
  • Image format not respected (sometimes distorted image).
  • Cadence unfulfilled picture (movie slowed or accelerated, or jerky movements).
  • Definition of “damaged” picture (aliasing effects, loss of image sharpness, “video” effect).
  • The sound is much too strong.
  • The sound is too serious or too sharp.
  • The sound is “on the side” of the room instead of being “in space” of the room.
  • The lack of bass.
  • The hard drive or USB key containing the DCP are not readable by the server to the projection booth.
  • The subtitle of the film do not appear in projection.

An expertise to anticipate

All these problems, which are all too common, are not resolved at the time of pressing the “Create DCP” button in the ad hoc software ... they are due to poor anticipation upstream to items not suitable for digital cinema. Our expertise will allow you to customize your items prerogatives of digital cinema. Then make the best possible DCP for your movie.

The result of our intervention is a better technical quality and reduced costs laboratories.