Documentaire sur Grand Ecran : manufacturing of the DVD “Documentary cinema, fragments of history”

2 May 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
Temps de lecture : 1 min  

DVD Technical Production of a film on the history of cinema.

The association Documentaire sur Grand Ecran asked me to manufacture DVDs for their DVD collection “Special Collections”. Documentary films for demanding directors, for which I work in detail the preparation of master movies, encoding quality and monitoring of ergonomics.

The film, “Documentary cinema, fragments of history”, was directed by Jean-Louis Comolli.

Synopsis of the film

A crossing of documentary films of the Lumière brothers to Guy Debord. By tapping into the images that make up three quarters of a century, Jean-Louis Comolli has chosen films that have gone through the past fifty years, in response to the command : find “his” history of cinema and particularly of documentary film. Clever visual score orchestrated by a voice-over (his) fingering the themes that are dear to him - instead of the viewer, the fiction in the documentary, the impact of technological change on the artistic... - the the film weaves between the extracts unpredictable links.

Technical sheet

  • Author: Jean-Louis Comolli
  • Image: Richard Copans
  • Sound: Sylvain Laurent Thomas & Copans
  • Production manager: Cecile Peyre
  • Editing: Ginette Lavigne
  • Mixing: Delphine Thelliez
  • Producer: Richard Copans - Les Films d’Ici
  • Co-producers: Movement - INA - Documentary on Big Screen
  • Partners: Community Territorial Corsica, CNC-PROCIREP ANGOA Movies & More
  • Duration: 55 ’
DVD (1997) and Blu-ray (2006), optical distribution media, still exist and still have multiple jobs. I am an expert in these technologies. Engineering design, project management, encoding, authoring, to manufacture the most ergonomic supports with the best possible technical quality and in the most efficient working methods. Clients : Les films de mon oncle, Editions Re:voir, Ciné-Tamaris, Documentaire sur Grand Ecran...