www.sergetisseron.com website

10 January 2012. Published by Benoît Labourdette.



I supported:

  • Support the definition of the project.
  • Design and ergonomics.
  • Web Development.
  • Training editors (set text and images online).


Serge Tisseron, psychoanalyst, specialist and other family secrets and the media (photography, video games, television ...), had a blog and scattered information on the web (he has published over 60 books). It seemed to him necessary to bring in an “official site”, a first-hand information on its activities.

This site has also allowed him to showcase his work as a photographer.


The site should be ergonomic and aesthetic capacity to evolve in its structure at progressively, and very easy to use in the back office for its author.


The site is built on a long time, new modules have been added over time:

  • The site was originally only a photography site. In addition to graphic design and manufacturing, there was all the work of scanning and on-line silver images (work provided by Fabien Rennet).
  • Then we added the blog: resumption of the previous blog posts, improved ergonomics and tags.
  • And we added the bibliography: online all the books with their visual and summaries.


  • The host is o2switch.
  • The CMS is used SPIP, which, if the work and webdesign are well structured, the flexibility to add sections to the site as and without destabilize the whole.
I accompany the design and implementation of web projects, to articulate policy issues, technical, content, organizational and methodological work. These range from project management (technical design specifications and service monitoring), training of editors, or even manufacturing sites A to Z. Here are several websites that I made.