Alain Fleischer’s video interview

20 April 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Alain Fleischer, filmmaker, artist, photographer, writer, director of Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts contemporains was the most regular contributor of the Festival Pocket Films: From 2005 to 2010, he made each year the experience of making a film with a cell phone every time with a different bias.

In 2011, it was “The world through my toys”, foreshadowing a feature film, this time shot with a camera.

In this interview, he discusses his specific approach to shooting with phone.

(sorry, the interview isn’t subtitled in english. If you want to translate it, you are welcome to contribute !)

Interview conducted by Rodolphe Olcese, from the Agence of short film, partner of the Festival Caméras Mobiles 2011.

The program of the first Festival Caméras Mobile was rich and varied. Three times in the festival: The professional challenges of mobile cameras. Teaching with small cameras. Creating art with handheld cameras.The Festival Caméras Mobile, under the artistic direction of Benoit Labourdette, presented works still in progress or just completed by Alain Fleischer, Isabelle Prim, Richard Texier, Olivier Séror Mary Vermillard, Hervé Robbe, Olivier Zabat...