Website of the shortest day

21 December 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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I was in charge, in partnership with the Communication Department of the CNC, of the building of the website:


We had no time to build a convenient and efficient web platform for:

  • Inform about the event.
  • Encourage everyone to get involved in the organization of the event.
  • Propose to watching movies.
  • Allow participants to register their event, choose the films they want to project or specify their own.
  • Being a relay for communication.

To build such a website with so many features in a very short time, and had to work well immediatly, I had formalized a very rigorous data models and processes operating on the site, so that the technical service (Gaya) can work directly on the process without hesitation.

Mobile Application

The mobile application allowed to find the sessions close to home !

“The shortest day” is the annual nationwide big event of short films in France on December 21 of each year, proposed by CNC (National Film Centre for the moving image), since 2011.I participated in the creation of this event in 2011, as co-artistic director, director of cultural mediation and technical director. Artistic co-director was Isabelle Massot and the general coordinator Sonia Jossifort.6000 projections were held on 21 December 2011, more than 10,000 screenings December 21, 2012 ... In 2012, due to time constraints I could not support the second year of the “shortest day” but I (...)