In Excelsis - video installation

31 December 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Video installation in 4 screens : human body - vegetable sculptures - video (a project by Jean-Philippe Poirée-Ville, Maëlla-Mickaëlle Maréchal, Benoît Labourdette).

Four circular screens, looping: The installation is visible online.

Here it is in small size:


In Excelsis - video installation - 1. © Benoît Labourdette. In Excelsis - video installation - 2. © Benoît Labourdette. In Excelsis - video installation - 3. © Benoît Labourdette. In Excelsis - video installation - 4. © Benoît Labourdette.
Because of the mechanical nature of its technical function, photography is for me a matter of time rather than a visual matter : in its silver salts, or its pixels today, it is time which is captured, preserved, reinvented at every glance. Time of life, time of vision, time of poetry.Painting is the original material of plastic work, which is intimately connected with photography, because it also contains the time of its gesture and its imagination.Artistic installation, the existence in space and time of artistic forms is crucial because it is the way in which the work is modified by (...)