Love in the confined present tense

A film by Benoît Labourdette, with the collaboration of Marie Désert, François Cany and Jean-Baptiste Hanak (1’00s, 2020).
13 August 2020. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Palimpsest of confined lives, of pictorial references, of nascent love, of graphic and audiovisual performance, between Paris and Nantes in 2020.

Marie Désert, a painter, maintained an artistic correspondence with François Cany during the period of confinement in 2020, which became a love affair, then an exhibition at 59 Rivoli in Paris. On one of the works in this exhibition, Benoît Labourdette made a graphic performance, accompanied by the music of Jean-Baptiste Hanak, of which this video is the capture.

The first photo sent to Marie Désert on 10 April 2020, taken two years earlier on the Quai Wilson in Nantes by François Cany (painting by Kegrea):

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There followed an artistic and amorous exchange for a month, then the encounter incarnate, in front of the graffiti, on May 15, 2020. Where is Steve?

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Then the beautiful exhibition at 59 Rivoli Paris in July 2020, during which I made this performance on the photo:

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I make short films as a painter makes paintings, usually in a lonely way, away from academic practices of making cinema. Some films are made in a very spontaneous way, others can take years to mature. I explore the meeting between the image and the world. These are experimental works, which often also tell stories...