The meeting

A film by Benoît Labourdette (5’16s, 2011).
21 May 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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A meeting, like a thousand other meetings. No, it is your meeting.

In business, there are meetings. Everywhere there are meetings. These are moments sometimes very important, which can change the lives of some, which can also be soporific and useless, or terrible, where everything can be solve, or else into chaos. These are moments of sociality very coded, usually a group of people around a table, but behind the appearance and the standard scene, he goes absolutely thousand different things.

In a dramatized form, I chose to interpret so dumb (but retaining the direct sound of footsteps on the floor and rubbing tissue), the different characters of a standard meeting. The film shows them one after the other, but they were probably in reality all at the same time, at the same time and space Alike. You can do as a montage in her head, to juxtapose the characters we saw one after the other. Everyone can plan on meeting the meeting he wants. This film can be dramatic turn round, comic, nostalgic, pessimistic or optimistic. Like any film, there is a support for the imagination of the beholder. But here more explicitly than usual.

So if you dream of a future meeting, or want to better understand what happened in a meeting in which you participated, start the movie, maybe the film, telling your story, open breaches new prospects in the real opaque.

This film is designed to be viewed in full in the dark, short, in a cinema because it offers a temporality in which it is installed. For playback on computer, turn on full screen and turn off the light...