Reserved for nurses

A film by Benoît Labourdette (3’19s, 2011).
1 September 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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The trace, in the places, of the stories and dramas that took place there. A reserved parking space, another reserved parking space, empty at the moment we look at them, but which have seen so many people and life stories... who can tell so much, if you linger for a moment.

My intention, with this film, is to seek, by a very “stable”, insistent look, to pierce the secret of the walls, the bottom of the car park, the view on the sea... of this reality that we collectively look at.

So I chose a fixed focal length of 50mm, shots all shot at the same height of 1m30, shots of the same duration (about twenty seconds), which fade in 10 seconds. Everything is fixed, but everything moves at the same time (especially with the sound of the wind). The shots are fixed, but the camera shakes a little, and then the shots merge into each other, so, while each one is fixed, their mixture produces other images, in infinite number; their combination undoubtedly makes appear what is hidden behind the appearance, the immense complexity. The truth is coming.

And the end is dramatic. Comedy? Tragedy? Tragedy for this time.