A film by Benoît Labourdette (12’56s, 2016). With Bénédicte Loyen.
25 July 2016. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Feverish dream in a baroque chapel. A vanitas with words.

Shot in the Jesuit Chapel (Chaumont - France).

Music: Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig Van Beethoven) performed by Ignaz Friedman in 1923.

Vanitas is a particular type of still life painting with philosophical implications, which evokes both human life and its transience.” (Wikipedia)

The feeling of the vanity of things and beings can be experienced in a very tangible way during confrontations with death and separations. In art, in painting, still life paintings with a skull were a simple and efficient way, so to speak, to represent this philosophical perspective, that we reach in nostalgic moments. But in cinema with moving images, how to represent this philosophical consciousness ? This film is an attempt to this, by the confrontation of the living and the sculpted, of the baroque décor and camera movement, of the inside and the outside, of music and words, and especially of the visible and the invisible, the visible being the alive and the invisible being death, more present that the living despite its apparent absence, like dark matter of the universe.

La Vanité ou Allégorie de la vie humaine, 1646, Philippe de Champaigne

I make short films as a painter makes paintings, usually in a lonely way, away from academic practices of making cinema. Some films are made in a very spontaneous way, others can take years to mature. I explore the meeting between the image and the world. These are experimental works, which often also tell stories...