A short documentary by Benoît Labourdette (4’36s, 2011).
29 October 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Fate of the world leads me to cross a sculpture by Richard Texier in the port of La Rochelle, in July 2011. A correspondence, written and filmed, follows.

The sculpture which is the subject of this film is installed on a permanent basis to the Gare du Nord in Paris in early November 2015.

Poème de Claudine Bourgeat

Claudine Bourgeat wrote a poem in response to this film:

The Wings
Red in the night
On a hesitant voice
A story of the way
Between those who take it
to the sound of guitars
And whoever’s looking for it
to the sound of his voice
A story of art and friendship
Between a sailor and a Parisian
Around a bear
As light as freedom
The one not to say anything
Just to feel

Claudine Bourgeat, 2018

What is a “documentary” ? A singular look on the world, on reality. Any film, any work, offers a vision of the world, whether through fiction or not. Moreover, some documentaries include fiction, and vice versa. So why differentiate these two forms of cinema ? Perhaps simply to clarify what the audience should expect from the film : the proposal to live a dream in an imaginary, or the proposal to discover unknown parts of the world, as revealed by a unique (...)