Let’s imagine a moment - Episode 6

A film by Benoît Labourdette (2’47s, 2009).
26 November 2009. Published by Leny Müh.

Let’s imagine for a moment that this trash can is a bus...

Without my decision, the theme of the person as an object, the theme of deportation, exclusion, waste, almost automatically comes back to me as soon as a subject comes up. I realize that this is a kind of assumption of the origin of my gaze. And the theme of the bus has been part of some daily exchanges recently.

There is no doubt a little bit of distance missing in this film, but the interplay of correspondences (bin, bus, red lights, multitudes of signs in the city, rhythmic movement necessary for the circulation of flows essential to urban life...) gives a meaning that made me choose to show it.

“Let’s imagine for a moment that this broom is a human being”, “let’s imagine for a moment that this pavement is a sun”, “let’s imagine for a moment that the night doesn’t exist”... in everyday life, incongruous and surrealistic visions of the world.Twenty and one sequence shots, shot in 2009, in which I film myself, as I travel through life’s peregrinations, imagining by words a fiction based on the reality I am crossing.I made this series with an innovative tool, the “Zoom Q3”, the first pocket camera equipped with an excellent quality microphone. It was this camera that invited me to do a work (...)