Video loop by Benoît Labourdette (1’10s, 2013).
12 August 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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The clouds move slowly, if you look at the sky for a brief moment, but seem to go very quickly if you take the time to look. The relativity of perceived time...

And if we superimpose the pictures of themselves over time ? Or rather, if we remove the pictures from themselves. Then, massively, clouds seem to tell us something different, revealing to us the inner storm that drives the most outwardly calm in nature.«»


Video installation. These are one-minute videos to be broadcast repeatedly on black surfaces. Work on the sensation of the landscape, the project to transmit an immediate impression. As a mix between Lumière and impressionist paintings ... made of pixels. Four image layers, whose pixels are subtracted from each other, a mostly black image with objects and bodies are revealed when they are shifted from each other : this is the time that makes the image.