My home window

A film by Marie (2’14s, 2009).
22 December 2009. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Keep a record of what you see from home and not what is in your home. Even if what we see from home seems banal to us, the important thing is to share our gaze.

Film made as part of an audiovisual expression workshop offered to teenagers at the MJC du Plateau in Saint-Brieuc (Christmas holidays 2009).

Mary was the one who suggested to the group that they film through the window of their home. This film is therefore the inaugural gesture of the series. For this first occurrence, there was not yet the idea of telling a memory, just the idea of sharing your gaze, with no other subject than this openness.

To shoot from our homes, not to shoot our homes. Film what we see from your window and tell an important memory about this image, to share it with others we don’t know. Dare to let ourselves be surprised by the movement of our own thought, and dare to share it. An encounter with oneself, with one’s gaze, with the world and with others. Since 2009, these films that I propose to people to make, from the window of their homes, often very intense, because they deliver a deep sincerity, because we do not see their faces, I have decided to deposit some of them here, to share the emotion and (...)