ESAV Toulouse : Exhibition of the Palimpsest colloquium

18 May 2016. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

[Broadcasting of the film Tell me LED as an installation for the exhibition of the Palimpsest Colloquium (ESAV Toulouse).}.

From 18 May to 3 June 2016, at ESAV Toulouse, an exhibition accompanied the Palimpsest colloquium, where my film Tell me LED (2016, 1h06’) was shown. This film is made up of a large number of layers of images and sounds, so it was a perfect dialogue with the theme of the colloquium and exhibition.

Programme of the colloquium

Tuesday, May 17,2016

  • 09h45: Opening of the conference and moderation. Gregory Bled
  • 10:00 am: Memory erased, memory replaced. Thomas Busigny
  • 10:45:“The Voice Palimpsest”. Robert Ruiz
  • 11h30: Memory, a figure of the palimpsest. The waltz of memories in the opening sequence of André Téchiné’s film The Wild Reeds. Maylis Asté

Afternoon. Moderation Paul Lacoste.

  • 14h15: Palimpsest, Psalms to ruin and projection of his film. Pierre Arbus
  • 15h15: Gerhard Richter, the palimpsest as an invisible trace of unspokenness. Marine Pillaudin
  • 16h00: Replicate/grating the material of the image: the cinécriture of Agnès Varda. Nathalie Mauffrey
  • 17h00: “the voice” as a character at S Beckett’s and projection of his film. Cornel Gheorghita

Wednesday, May 18,2016
Morning. Moderation Gilles Méthel.

  • 10h00: Concept of palimpsest in the field of architecture. Tiphaine Abenia and Daniel Estevez
  • 10:45 am: Palimpsest and poetic chromatic space: map and territory. Xavière Ollier
  • 11h30: Palimpsest and parietal paintings. Carole Fritz

Afternoon and evening. Moderation Isabelle Labrouillère.

  • 14h15: Palimpsest, a creative-research methodology in art Patrick Barrès
  • 15h00: Palimpsest, metaphorical space of François Rouan in Eisenstein. Gregory Bled
  • 15h45: Jacques Roubaud, mathematician-poet of the palimpsest. Sandrine Bédouret-Larraburu
  • 16h30: Happening, What if we mix books and not records? Book-jaying energies and synchronicities. Serge Wolkonsky
  • 18h00 Opening of the collective exhibition.

Participating artists

  • The reliquary object. Laura Laborie, plastic surgeon
  • Palimpsest and engraving. Lorena Acin, plastic artist, engravings.
  • Threads sewn on folded paper, rubbed, dipped in baths, erased. Virginie Peyramayou, plastic artist
  • Memory of the forest. Sylvie Peyneau, artist painter
  • Palimpsest and material-technological work. Julien Honorat, plastic artist
  • Palimpsest, micro-architectural situations. Jean Pellaprat, photographer
  • Tell me LED, film in a loop. Benoît Labourdette, Director
  • Drawings Patrick Barres, plastic artist
  • Frame. Grégory Bled, artist painter

Thursday, May 19,2016
Morning. Moderation Bérénice Bonhomme.

  • 10h00: Palimpsest in documentary cinema, an artistic practice. Amélie Bussy
  • 10:45 am: The device of the television series as palimpsest. Marie Maillos
  • 11h30: Wilhelm’s cry, a circulation of quotations from one era to the next. Réjane Hamus-Vallée

Afternoon. Moderation Alexandre Beznosiuk.

  • 14h15: “Landscape and palimpsest: gardening antitheses”. Sophie School
  • 15h00 : Bram Stoker’s Dracula, vampiric palimpsest. Jean-Philippe Trias
  • 15h45: Robin’s spectra or the erasure of a magical effect. Frédéric Tabet
  • 16h30: End of the colloquium, conclusion and discussion on the organization of a colloquium on palimpsest for the year 2016/2017.
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