Unaware actors

A film by Benoît Labourdette (1h03’, 2008).
31 December 2008. Published by Leny Müh.

A 30-day diary, 30 shots-sequence. Meetings, people, animals and places, from bottom to top. The search for what is hidden behind the appearances of the trivial. Chance and necessity.

The film

The starting point of this film is a series of 30 sequence shots, which I put online in 2006 for a period of one month, to explore the direct relationship to the audience. In 2008, after maturation and having received the suggestion, I gathered these plans sequence and discovered, they “told a story” together.

This film is now proposed to be practiced, and continued, in the occasions of its public broadcasts : each public release, spectators are invited in small groups, after the screening, to shoot in sequence shot, the end of the film, then to show these alternative endings. This had the effect of developing the film itself. This is the first edited version.

Here is a text reference, which has been written, I just realize it, the year of my birth :

The old covenant is broken ; Man finally knows he is alone in the unfeeling immensity of the universe from which he emerged by chance. Nor his destiny, his duty is not written anywhere. At her to choose between the Kingdom and darkness.

J. Monod, Chance and necessity : Essay on natural philosophy of modern biology, Seuil, 1970.