CFI : Pocket Films training for cinema teachers (Ouagadougou)

27 February 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Training methods “Pocket Films” for movie teachers in Africa.


CFI (French Agency Media Cooperation) proposed in the context of the “Images of Africa” ​​formation (training program for careers in television and cinema) a “Pocket Films” course of 15 days, I facilitated, to a film school teachers of the African continent.


The objective is to bring these fifteen film school teachers filmmakers working methodologies “Pocket Films” do a lot with very little means. Will give maximum artistic and methodological requirement allows, even with a light material, to achieve great cinematic qualities, to “real” films.


I did work on creativity, improvisation, Clip, technology (quality of picture and sound).

The course was held during 15 days at the Imagine Institute in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, place founded and led by Gaston Kabore, filmmaker and great personality of the Burkinabe cinema.

Three thematic creation were addressed:

  • Animated Films
  • Gift through a window
  • Censorship...

The films have been remade several times after watching big and confrontation to the public. Working method based on the collective gaze.

The course also offered full technical tools to control the workflow of digital video in the most challenging way possible.

Cinema schools involved

The trainee were teachers from those cinema schools : IFTIC (Niger), NAFTI (Ghana), ISCAC (Cameroon) SCREEN (Togo), ISIS / SE (Burkina Faso), AFDA (South Africa)
Imagine Institute (Burkina Faso), BNFTA (Ethiopia).

Final show

At the end of the course, and preamble Fespaco, a screening of a selection of films made has been proposed in French Institute Ouagadougou. Here the session (32 minutes), with an introduction by Benoît Labourdette.


Filmmakers and teachers in the cinema schools :
Abayneh W. Yohannes, Jean Ahonto, Théodore Somda, Latif Mohamed, Paul Kobhio, Mohamed Mohamed Faissoil, Serge Armel Sawadogo, Kollo Daniel Sanou, David N A Ammah, Ismaël G M Tall, Warren Sare, Brice Oumarou Darga, Moses Resario, Andrew Hofmeyr, Idrissa Garba Touré.


Douada Sanguisso (some of the trainees were english spoken).

Article about this training on CFI’s website

Workshops for filmmaking with pocket cameras that I run through schools of art, cinema and other vocational training centers (Femis, Le Fresnoy, ESAV Toulouse, CEFPF,Imagine Institute Ouagadougou...). Appropriating very light production techniques for making professional grade movies. I work highlighting creativity, do it, and very high requirement on content and methodologies.I hosted since 2006, tens of workshops “Pocket Films”. Only a few examples are presented (...)