ESAV Toulouse : Pocket Films Workshop

21 November 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Twenty-six films made in three days.

Since 2006, barely a year after the appearance of cameras in mobile phones, I teach at the School of Cinema ESAV Toulouse for students in their final year of implementation, offering a “Pocket Films Workshop”, during three days this year.

The goal for the thirteen students present is to make movies in very specific frameworks constraints that I propose : collectives, individuals, in small groups.

The challenge is to work in a very lively and dense, creativity, film writing, imagination, and quickly test films on spectators. In short, to work the cinema material directly. The films are made in sequenc shot, because which is important above all is what everyone wants to transmit, offer the viewer, and the cycle between the idea, the implementation and the projection, is very short.

On the last day, students select some movies to propose a moment of projection. Here they are.

Film Selection

  • Collective Film: “The flea market of Christ”. The camera goes from hand to hand in a setting (the Saint Sernin Basilica in Toulouse), offering a gallery of portraits of objects, which come to us. Several outlets, difficulties instead, put in place at as a kind of choreography to work on the pace of the film.
  • Individual Films: “Window”. Each home alone, filming what he sees through his window and tells an important memory.
    • There is no good or bad situation” Hugo Moreau.
    • Canal du Midi”. Martine Daher.
    • Breakfast”. Mathilde Sparagano.
    • First Steps”. Marion Cavaillé.
    • It’s not me”. Antoine Paolicchi.
    • Without the teeth”. Thomas Salabert.
  • Documentaries about architecture. The film must contain the words lined man-woman, and a song, also doubled.
    • The cicadas and ants”. Vanessa, Nia, Jeanne, Thomas.
  • Fantastic films. Work of fiction.
    • Silence”. Martine, Vanessa Antoine, Maryline.
    • Projections”. Thomas, Elvira, Eliza.
    • Visit”. Rachmania Arunita.
  • Documentaries. Proposal of an intervention in the real, to reveal something.
    • It rolls”. Marion, Nia, Martine, Nicolas.
Projections (Thomas, Elvira, Eliza)
La visite (Rachmania Arunita)
Ca roule (Marion, Nia, Martine, Nicolas)
Il n’y a pas de bonne ou de mauvaise situation (Hugo Moreau)
Canal du Midi (Martine Daher)
Petit déjeuner (Mathilde Sparagano)
Premier pas (Marion Cavaillé)
C’est pas moi (Antoine Paolicchi)
Sans les dents ! (Thomas Salabert)
Les cigales et les fourmis (Vanessa, Nia, Jeanne, Thomas)
Silence (Martine, Vanessa, Antoine, Maryline)
Workshops for filmmaking with pocket cameras that I run through schools of art, cinema and other vocational training centers (Femis, Le Fresnoy, ESAV Toulouse, CEFPF,Imagine Institute Ouagadougou...). Appropriating very light production techniques for making professional grade movies. I work highlighting creativity, do it, and very high requirement on content and methodologies.I hosted since 2006, tens of workshops “Pocket Films”. Only a few examples are presented (...)