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6 November 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Transfer of innovative teaching tools for image education.

Hors Champs association in Niort, organizer of the Festival Takavoir (shot with mobile phones or pocket-camera films), is commissioned by the Poitou-Charentes Region, in the context of “Students and Apprentices of the cinema”, to propose, instead of one of the features that students need to see in this context, short films shot with mobile phone device.

Fifty classes went in this innovative initiative. The classes will benefit from one day workshops to make films with a supervisor.

For three days, I hosted a training for three directors and workshop embodiment, one of the three host this initiative. I offered them to appropriate instructional techniques from my experience of workshops with mobile phones.

To understand the potential that this approach can provide very specific and open from work on improvisation, you have to go through the experience to find oneself in the position of participant. Then, from his experience of the experience and results, develop their own practice.

Here are papers prepared during the training, as well as films. The principle is open to creativity in approaches both intimate and collective.

  • Animated collective movie.
  • Individual film “look out the window.”
  • Documentary film, group directed.
Window : 2hors (Michael Danieau)
Window : Open to the world (Jean-David Izambard)
Windows : Memories (Pierre Noirault)
Collective movie : yesterday stars

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