Tell me your technologies contest - Pocket Films training

3 December 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Train mediators who will lead filmmaking workshops.

The association Les atomes crochus offers since 2013 the contest “Tell me your technologies”. The idea is to propose the making of intergenerational films about technical objects : a person “young” and one “old” at least realize together a film, a confrontation of views on the technology.

The deadline for submission of films for entries is April 30, 2015.

Pocket Films training

I hosted a training for mediators who will offer their audiences (young or old, whether in schools, pensioner associations, popular education places) filmmaking workshops to participate in the contest “Tell-me your technologies.”

I forwarded animation techniques workshops and filmmaking, to reduce the maximum weight of the technical side (including video editing), so that people can focus on the essentials, and realize a movie even if they are not tech-savvy. Digital tools whose use is becoming easier, should, in my opinion, to be operated in a simple technical way. This not to make it “quick and dirty” but to be able to spend more time and energy on content, writing, the scenery, the acting, the message, etc.

The very process of writing can be changed. Traditionally, it is always a scenario written prior to the use of the camera. But why would we do no collective improvisation, filmed, as ideas that would arise, directly audiovisual ideas ?

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Doing a collective film

I proposed a practice so that mediators are aware, live by themselves this process of discovery of their creative potential.

It was the realization of a collective film on a simple technical object, the pen. The setting was very clear : the camera goes hand in hand, each shows a pen, writing with a word and tells, voice-over, a memory about this pen. Thus, the film would be a “patchwork” that would make sense precisely because of the diversity of objects filmed and narrated stories. It is important that the proposed framework is very stable, held without being frozen (this framework was also discussed and modified a little, as you will see in the film).

This was an example and, from there, I have drawn other ways to make many other types of films, in different settings (including time), always with the aim of putting people in action quickly to confront the results of their work with a time of viewing and discussion before going to remake the film to improve it !

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