Documentary on Big Screen : Digital Cinema Training

20 June 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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I led the team for the association Documentary on Big Screen a two-day training on technologies “Digital Cinema”.

Documentary on Big Screen is an association that supports the documentary in theaters and its dissemination in general, through multiple actions.

Because of the mutation carriers diffusion film, the digitization of cinemas, the disappearance of broadcasts on film and videotape, the association that manages a catalog of 250 films, should evolve its hardware and tools . Technical choices to be made, working methods must be established, and for this it is necessary to be fully aware of the challenges, opportunities, pitfalls, opportunities, digital. That was the purpose of this very dense formation.

Training program “Basics of Digital Cinema”

  • Summary of the new channel (workflow) film (filming, post-production, operation).
  • Fundamentals of Digital.
  • The digital image.
  • Digital sound.
  • The projection system DCI.
  • New image and new sound formats formats.
  • Characteristics of the DCP.
  • Current Techniques subtitles.
  • Methodologies manufacturing DCP.
  • The KDM keys.
  • Transport of DCP (hard disks, FTP, subscription ...).
  • Summary of the new possibilities in the room.
  • Synthesis of new opportunities for producers and distributors.
  • Overview of the economic model and cost.