University of Picardie: “New media, new writing, new funding”

5 October 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Training new media in Picardy. Course open for registration.

The training “New media, new writing, new funding” proposed by the University of Picardie and ACAP, from October 26 to 30, 2015 (duration: 30 hours) is aimed at professionals, to synthesize “state of art” in the field of new media and acquire or strengthen technical skills, aesthetic, economic and strategic. The course is still open for entries, from all over France. I am one of the stakeholders of this training.


  • Training Organization: University of Picardie Jules Verne (UPJV).
  • Location: UPJV, Faculty of Arts, Laundry Service, 30 street of the Dyers, 80080 Amiens.
  • Financing: AFDAS and Picardy Regional Council after examining the file.
  • Contacts Françoise Hanss 03 22 80 69 25 - Sébastien Denis 06 77 28 82 89 - formationarts

Training Program

Module 1: Consolidation of technical knowledge (6:00)
Reminder operation of high-definition digital cameras, codecs, formats (HD, 2K, 4K etc.), compression, digital postproduction, digital broadcast (DCP, internet...).

Module 2: New entries to transmedia and web documentary (12:00)

  • Transmedia and interactive cinema. Principles of storytelling and transmedia experience; nonlinear writing (fiction); reviews transmedia perspective; Practical work: the development of a transmedia project; video game and visual arts; discovery of shooting with drones, the GoPro...
  • Webdocumentary. Navigation principles; non-linear script (documentary); geolocation; practical work: development of a web documentary project; critical perspective on the web documentary.

Module 3: Law and funding (12:00)

  • Legal environment. Copyright applied to media and new modes of broadcast; practical work: rights management simulation.
  • New funding. Discover ways to dedicated funding for new media (New Media CNC, CNC DICREAM, digital experimentation fund support for multidisciplinary projects, crowdfunding...); practical work: funding simulation.


  • Pierre Boutillier, director, screenwriter, professor at the Faculty of Arts of the UPJV.
  • Dominique Choisy, director, writer, editor, professor at the Faculty of Arts of the UPJV.
  • Sébastien Denis, responsible for the certificate, professor of cinema at the University UPJV.
  • Philippe Fréville, head of Interactive Experiences (Pictanovo).
  • Benoît Labourdette, director and trainer specializing in new media, creator of the Pocket Film Festival.
  • Benjamin Nuel, multimedia artist and director.
  • Valerie Varnerot, lecturer, authorized to supervise research in law at the UPJV, media law specialist.
I design and lead professional training courses for new media, within training centers (CEFPF, INA Expert, Universities) as well as directly for companies or professional networks (ARTE, Forum des images, Documentaire sur Grand Ecran, Altermédia, Drôle de Trame, SCAM, NAAIS, CFI...).The digital revolution consists in these new technologies which populate our daily life and modify the uses, the produced contents, the channels of diffusion, the economic models, the relations, the working methods...The training allows the appropriation of these new languages, technologies and practices, in (...)