French Institute: “Training for new digital challenges”

30 May 2012. Published by Leny Müh.
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Benoît Labourdette’s lecture on the benefits of cultural initiatives with pocket cameras.

In May 2012, the Institut français proposed 3 days of training to its audiovisual associates and film correspondents around the world, on the subject of the new digital challenges.

Interventions, led by specialists, dealt with digital, mainly audiovisual, in its dimensions of production, diffusion, economic, regulatory, cultural, technical, educational, social, creative ...

Benoît Labourdette (director, producer, founder of the Pocket Films Festival) spoke on cultural initiatives with pocket cameras to the general public and the professional public. Drawing on his concrete experiences in setting up projects for the appropriation of audiovisual creation tools, he has developed the main questions to consider in order to succeed in this type of project (the Festival Pocket Films, the Festival Caméraas mobiles, The Path Films Festival in Algeria, etc.), as well as their profound issues and the work tracks (to sum it up very quickly: the citizens’ stakes at the heart of the implementation of creative initiatives).

Some of the speakers

  • Valérie Mouroux (Director of Cinéma - Institut Français)
  • Guillaume Blanchot (Director of Audiovisual and Digital Creation - CNC)
  • Christophe Cluzel (Head of Digital Developments - France Télévisions)
  • Marie-Laure Lesage (Director of Arte France Développement)
  • Mathieu Fournet (Head of International Affairs - INA)
  • Xavier Lardoux (Secretary General - Unifrance)
  • Baptiste Benezet (Product development director - FaberNovel)
  • Julien Villedieu (General Delegate - National Video Game Syndicate)...
Enregistrement audio de l’intervention de Benoît Labourdette

In the digital age, cultural policies, whatever their field, must in my view take digital images and their uses into account by citizens, especially the younger ones. Digital has put the image at the center of our lives. With these tools, thought and implemented in a lucid, innovative and adapted way, it is possible to invent new strategies to mobilize, give meaning and make appropriate the cultural proposals by the public.