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20 June 2012. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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International Symposium : Mobile Phone and Creation. Film, video, writing, games, music, applications

Symposium organized by : Laurent Creton, Roger Odin, Laurence Allard, Benoît Labourdette. University Paris 3 Institute for Cinema and Audiovisual (IRCAV).

14 to 15 june 2012, National Institut of Art History, room Vasari, 14-15 June 2012, Paris, France.

The mobile phone is the technology of communication most widespread in the world. It is used to communicate by voice, oral, written and still or moving images in all areas of life: daily life, social and family life as well as commerce, finance or health not to mention the field of art. Mobile creation is until now, paradoxically, little studied. Talking about the mobile creation cannot be reduced to reflect the artistic practice recognized by the worlds of art is by artists who identify themselves as such even if such artistic creations this conference will feed on its own. Thus, some festivals have driven in a pioneering creative use of the video function of the mobile phone: make films with him. In addressing the mobile through the creation, we want to broaden the range of actors, spaces and practices, taking into account the fact that the mobile is, for example, the camera shooting the most widespread in the world (77% of phones are equipped with a camera) and the technology of writing the most heavily used in the world (7000 billion SMS sent) and the method of choice for internet access to many countries (Egypt and it is “mobile internet only” 70% of the population). Similarly, we tend to regard the mobile as a technology within the paradigm of the distant voice and therefore of distance communication, but some of the practices of showing photos or videos is done in co-presence (effect-viewer) . The study of mobile textualities also show a tendency to a certain lack of differentiation between scriptural and iconic: text taken photos and sent by MMS for example. In this context uses plural multifunctional technology, it is not attempting to distinguish the quidam of the artist, the professional from the amateur but to demonstrate how through a technology that provides the means of production / dissemination of images and texts in the hands of 5 billion people in the world of creative practices can be deployed. Creative practices in that they will re-invent or create, divert or redefine the expected uses of the mobile or routinized, distributing areas of production / distribution or redefine the status of individuals involved in these productions phones. This may not be original creations unique to own a mobile art that will be highlighted here, but rather practical, creative uses of mobile phones, crossing fields and records of action. Sometimes, the creation will be established by creating new worlds of art with novel networks of actors and productions that will result.

These are all features of the mobile phone may be subject to creative practices: the function image, location-based functionality, connecting to mobile internet, SMS and the many applications for smartphones.

Today, we can observe transmedia emerging genres that rely on videos taken from mobile (eg Stories Iranian or Egyptian filmmaker a project to collect the mobile video revolution of February 2011) . There are also a whole field of creation around mobile applications for smartphones using features such as augmented reality or mobile Internet. In South Africa projects crossing education, literature and develop mobile: the mnovels. There are probably many other creative experiences that would need to be studied.

The symposium project to unfold the various aspects of the encounter between mobile phone and create by linking theoretical and creative practice as well as pluralizing disciplinary approaches to semiotics, economics, sociology, the psychology or ergonomics.

My work as an exploration of creative possibilities of mobile crossed the passion of three researchers (and long-time colleagues) : Laurent Creton (economist), Laurence Allard (sociologist) and Roger Odin (semiotics), who asked me to jointly organize the first instance of Mobile Creation Symposium in June 2012. First instance in June 2012.Second instance december, 2013, the 5-6.Symposium’s official website : www.mobilecreation.fr