Voices rising (2002)

1 November 2002. Published by Benoît Labourdette.

Third album in 2002, consists of a mixture of acoustic instruments, singing and real sounds musically used. The voice is much more present than in the two previous albums.

  • They’ll hunt me in winter (3’48s).
  • Drowning daily (3’45s).
  • Fear of others (4’19s).
  • Old laser beams (3’35s).
  • Water table (4’38s).
  • I’m not there (3’46s).
  • Somatic (3’07s).
  • Ballade in the mud (2’40s).
  • There is a mosquito (3’08s).
  • Paddle (2’47s).
  • It’s not dancing dans la rue (3’19s).
  • I have done nothing (3’06s).
  • The hospital (3’23s).
  • 5 minutes later (3’31s).

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5 minutes later
Ballade in the mud
It’s not dancing dans la rue
There is a mosquito
They’ll hunt me in winter
I have done nothing
I’m not there
The hospital
Fear of others
Water table
Drowning daily
Old laser beams

Photograph : Benoît Labourdette (Picasso Museum, Paris).