The Benoît Labourdette production company (SASU with a capital of 32800€ - SIRET : 818 146 146 128 00017 R.C.S. PARIS - NAF Code 5911C) is an agile working tool, which allows me to build creative, technical, educational and consulting services. The approach is innovative, humane and concrete, in the fields of digital technology, audiovisual, culture and training. I bring together teams of experts, specifically for each project, with a broad spectrum of expertise myself.

Types of services: cultural and creative actions, shows, exhibitions, festivals, participative actions, cultural policy support, professional training, institutional film production, expertise in digital cinema and video, digital workflow consulting, manufacturing of technical elements, project management and manufacturing of web and multimedia projects (sites, platforms, VR...), deployment of relational databases, development of business tools for small or medium-sized organizations, management consulting...

Contact : Benoît Labourdette (benoit / 06 80 03 19 83)

I produce and direct corporate films and their possible projection sets, articulating the work with the exact needs. Invent methods of work, often collective, which will enable the project to meet its objectives better both in its content and in (...)

“Multimedia” is an old term (Bob Goldstein, 1966) that refers to the fact of mobilizing together several media (text, still or moving image, sound, interactivity...). The use of the Internet is essentially multimedia. There are regular attempts to (...)

I accompany the design and implementation of web projects, to articulate policy issues, technical, content, organizational and methodological work. These range from project management (technical design specifications and service monitoring), (...)

I put out and I accompany the digital cinema workflows for producers, distributors, cinema and art schools : choice of cameras, post-production devices, broadcast quality... For example, I regularly manufacture (...)

DVD (1997) and Blu-ray (2006), optical distribution media, still exist and still have multiple jobs. I am an expert in these technologies. Engineering design, project management, encoding, authoring, to manufacture the most ergonomic supports (...)