DVD set “I’m not a feminist but ...”

10 March 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Monitoring of design, encoding, authoring and mastering of a 2 DVD box set.


One of this two DVD set contains a primer. Some letters of the alphabet refer to a short film, others to several. I accompanied the work of ergonomic design, so that the designer can produce practical and understandable menus.


There was also the subject of a very long video duration on one of the two DVDs, so particularly careful work on the quality of video encoding.


The movies were in high definition. The DVD is in standard definition. It is therefore necessary to a downscaling, that is to say a reduction of the definition of the image, while ensuring that the image retains a good “stitched”.


I also supervised the production line of the subtitles, so there is no synchronism issues. Too often, time and energy are lost in non-synchronous subtitles problems, not in the right format, with worries about accented characters... Here, the workflow work was organized, and people in charge of the subtitle had a reliable interlocutor in me not to be mistaken.

Tight delays

Manufacturing lead times were very tight. Thanks to a rigorous organization of work steps and validation, these deadlines could be met.

Mastering for pressing

This DVD was pressed several thousand copies. The master used to manufacture in number is a very specific purpose, because it contains two layers (in order to put more content on the DVD), and transition management from one layer to the other is a specialized technical operation, which, if improperly done, can make the DVD buggy.

Blog of the film


Production and direction

“I’m not a feminist but...” was produced and directed by Sylvie Tissot Tissot and Florence with their company “Words matter”.

More information about the film

I’m not a feminist but ... (220mn + 52mn) + Primer Christine Delphy

“I’m not a feminist, but ...”, this phrase is mentioned by Christine Delphy at a show where she was invited with Simone de Beauvoir in 1985. We find the ritual phrase that many women were able to deliver a daily, afraid to use a word stigmatized, but to still allow to express a desire for equality. Combining archive footage and filmed interviews, this documentary offers a portrait of a feminist theorist, activist and founder of the MLF. It traces the path of a major figure in the history of feminism by insisting on the importance of struggles, from yesterday to today, to advance the cause of women.
I am not a feminist, but ... is published in digipack box with an introductory booklet to the thought of Christine Delphy and many extras including unpublished rushes up! Carole Roussopoulos (1999).

This edition also contains a DVD:

Primer Delphy (220mn), a long interview with Christine Delphy by Sylvie Tissot, consisting of 25 words, from A to Z as Friendship Zizi via XY as sex difference. Some entries used to specify the thought of Christine Delphy (G as a genre, like T Domestic work), while others return to more biographical episodes (F as Family). However, if these letters operate autonomously (lasting an average of 7 minutes), they continue to draw connections between past struggles and fights between the present and life story and theory. So are scanned a set of extremely rich thematic, past and current, biographical and theoretical, related to singular course Delphy.

French Language English subtitles

Broadcast Film

This film was released in 2015 in numerous festivals, including the International Festival of Women Films of Créteil (France). Given the success, the DVD set was duplicated again.

DVD (1997) and Blu-ray (2006), optical distribution media, still exist and still have multiple jobs. I am an expert in these technologies. Engineering design, project management, encoding, authoring, to manufacture the most ergonomic supports with the best possible technical quality and in the most efficient working methods. Clients : Les films de mon oncle, Editions Re:voir, Ciné-Tamaris, Documentaire sur Grand Ecran...