New World Publishing: DVD Production “Filmed letters from Algeria”

17 September 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Manufacturing of a DVD with amateur archival footage of the war in Algeria. Completion of the restoration of films, graphic creation of menus, authoring and mastering.


  • Letters filmed in Algeria: 1954-1962 by Jean-Pierre Bertin-Maghit, New World Publishing, 2015.
  • Book showing home movies shot by conscripts during the War of Algeria, addressed to military families to give them news and offering the reverse shot of the war. The author puts next memory of the soldiers and image memory, through his meeting with 38 of these filmmakers soldiers he has face their own images. With DVD archive.


From fifty archive films, it was necessary to finalize the restoration (cropping, clean sound calibration) and then design the graphics menu and then perform the authoring and mastering for duplication.

JPEG - 211.9 kb

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