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10 November 2012. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Building of the website ot ESAV film school - Toulouse (France).

A film school

ESAV is a public film school of the highest level, which is part of the University of Toulouse Le Mirail. ESAV is directed by Jean-Louis Dufour. It was founded in 1979 by Guy Chapouilliée.

Issues and Methodology

I was asked to drive the complete overhaul of the school’s website in 2012. This has, upstream of the technical realization (which I carried with Royal Jelly Studio for graphic design), consisted of this job :

  • Collectively defining issues of the website.
  • Identification of editorial and technical actors of the site.
  • Steering of the manufacture of new content.

This through numerous meetings and stages to define a new organization of work and responsibilities.

Manufacture and use of the website

The implementation of this project is deployed to a year and a half. We have developed a very effective CMS and suitable for this type of use, SPIP, which allowed the content to be made at as well even before the structure of the site or its graphics are still designed.

Thus, the “actors” of the site were able to progressively appropriate the tools and be more functional. Then, after its launch, the site might live. Because the stakes of a website is that it is vivid.

The “back office”, ie the interface through which the “editors” of the site publish their content, is extremely easy to use, clear and accessible to non-technicians.

Movies online

Of course, many films made by school students visible online on the website This is, surprisingly, extremely rare for websites of other film schools...

Life of the website

Then ESAV could develop, internally, a developer part-time, which adds technical features as and when required.

So this site, constantly changing, fully designed, and saw, in the logic of “agile methods”.

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