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20 May 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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ACID is an association of filmmakers who, since 1992, supports the cinema distribution of independent films, and organizes a selection in Cannes film festival. Filmmakers who are committed to other filmmakers.

I accompanied and managed the complete redesign of the website of the ACID, and the construction of new databases (movies, selections, contacts, newsletter...) necessary to the internal operation of the association and to web publishing.

The development of this website has provided to ACID team a great flexibility in the editorial management of the content : there is freedom to add an item, move, rearrange things... It offers an open to all new types of content, publishing lots of information, news, press articles, which allow to value, to reference and perpetuate its actions.

This site is built with SPIP free CMS (Content Management System). Construction work of the website and of the database was made over a period of a year and a half, so that the needs, information structures become clearer definitions as to use. For the tool to be truly responsive to the needs which it must meet, it is through experience and confrontation with reality as it happens ! The work is largely a listening needs work, and education for the editors of the site, so that they are autonomous and that their scope is as open as possible.

Web design and coding were built under my direction, and sharp features in building a movie database (Filemaker Pro) internally, which automatically “feeds” the website.

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