The Journal of animation : Action article “Making a film with a cell phone: creativity citizenship”

7 May 2010. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Manage a workshop with mobile phone.

The Journal of animation monthly reference tool for facilitators of socio-cultural field, invited me in 2010 to write a “share folder” to transmit issues, interest and workshops about filmmaking with mobile phone animation methods.

Introduction of the article

Mobile phone in every pocket. Like it or not, this commercial property has changed our lives burst privacy, changing perceptions of space and time, new ways of writing... this prosthesis communication never leaves us ! In 2005, the video arrived in the phones. All adolescents now have a video phone. And soon, there will be no more mobile without camera. It is mandatory because it is there to sell us new services ! But also make some private companies richer still, what this ubiquitous camera will inflict upon us ? And especially how, as facilitator, use it to make an educational and socialization tool?

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