Wave Length Festival : “Drones listening” (masterclass and performance)

30 January 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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The drone as a tool for sound creation.

The Wave Length Festival 12th Festival of the radio and listening (Brest - France), invited me as part of a partnership with INA to lead a masterclass / performance with a drone, which led to the creation of a film, “Men with a camera” (4’45s, 2015).

The challenge is the issue of sound creation, sliding sound universe aroused by the drone. Conference on the subject, UAV flight room, outdoor flying drone, sound recording, shooting, amazing and creative participatory moment. And with all this, film and music creation.

Text presenting the masterclass / performance

The drone, this flying camera which comes among us, buzzing over our heads, raises, for a filmmaker, important questions. Military object, surveillance and death object, ubiquitous cartographic object of multinationals, and soon commercial purpose, delivery object. Banned gaze from the sky, filmmaker object of the virtual worlds that happens in the real world, without a body to hold the eye, is subject to the winds, hot or cold air, sensitive to the invisible movements of nature, camera which flutters around us... These changes of viewpoints questioning our vision and listening to the world. New sound space that enters our ears, like the automobile at its time, that changed our world of sound in the cities and the countryside. New places of look and listen to explore, to answer, to divert, to invest with imagination and creativity. Take distance with technological objects that submit us. Writing questions, compositional issues.


Exploration with Benoît Labourdette, of artistic investigations with drone, at Pompidou Centre, at the Company in Marseille on roofs buildings, the Picasso museum with Alain Fleischer, the painter Richard Texier in Paris, as well in Montpellier, Bordeaux to shoot a clip... The drone, musical object, political object, philosophical object, sound and vision changes the pace of our views.


In the festival area, the UAV flies, look at you, with its powerful breath. Piloting it, resuming power. Realization of a collective film, creating images and sounds of a new kind, real-time viewing on the big screen.

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