Figra : “Digital writing and publishing”

24 March 2011. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Participation in a meeting on the issues of digital writing. Sharing of approaches and creations.

TheFIGRA (International Festival of Great news report) invited me to a collaborative innovation moment on the theme of digital and interactive writing.

Program of the meeting

Writing and digital editions

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With the participation of: Philippe Troyon, director (Designer of the Cellulograms), Benoît Labourdette, Producer (Pocket Films Paris Festival - Festival Caméras mobiles Lux Valence), Antoine Disle (La convergence), Marie Vanglabeke, Producer (WebDoc “Les désorientés”). .

This meeting will take the form of an interactive presentation by several professionals who use the new digital technologies in the production and distribution of documentary films and/or creations and who also use them for educational purposes and international meetings.

The tremendous acceleration in the possibilities of presenting audiovisual works directly to the public via the Internet and the new media today brings us closer to the meaning of each of these works. Especially the web-documentary and web-series which offer the possibility to its spectator to intervene in the narration.

Are we experiencing a revolution in images and information? Is our life now within our images? The new ways of filming with a mobile phone and disseminating information on new media, as in Egypt, Libya or Tunisia, make us aware of the speed of information thanks to these new tools.

Today, the telephone and all the tools and networks of “digital convergence” offer new ways of “consuming” the animated image and its interactive declinations, as well as new modes of creation resulting from these tools, whether it be DVD, computer or mobile phone. Exploring the flip side of digital convergence technologies, their history and perspectives.

Video and audio recordings, documents, abstracts, of conferences that I run in different contexts.