Gaîté Lyrique : mobility and creation seminar

28 November 2013. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Benoît Labourdette’s conference (full video) : “The mobile audiovisual creativity: challenges and opportunities.” (36 minutes)

Introduction of the conference

Almost everyone has a camera in his pocket at all times, into his mobile phone. Production and distribution of motion pictures became as a “conversation”, function and economy of the image have drastically mutated. Where is creativity ? All over ? Nowhere ? Concrete actions to develop the social meaning tracks, through creativity.

DRAC IDF, academies, and CRDP IUFMs Créteil, Paris, Versailles, La Gaîté Lyrique, the Arts Centre, the MacVal, and Cube organize PREAC Image and Creation (Cluster Resources for Arts Education and cultural). In this context, November 28, 2013, took place at the Gaite Lyrique Mobility and creation seminar, in which I proposed the conference “mobile audiovisual creativity : challenges and opportunities”.

Introduction by Dominique Moulon

There are, according to Paul Virilio, two types of mobility. One is related to the revolution of the conveying means while the other is on the transport of information. The first allows artists to build, from residence to residence and exhibition on display all around the world. The second consists of a myriad of innovations that succeeding shaped societies where artists appropriate. Smartphone has replaced the backpack “Bonjour Monsieur Courbet” and a photographer or director in everyone of us can at any time in any place as to testify by the image of ordinary or extraordinary events. Festivals, too, succeed in confirming these various expressions of a creative mobility, as the art of location or rental art. Its position in space is to be able to archive it in databases for further processing. Because there is an art databases since numerically information is treated, that these databases are visible or invisible. Without omitting data visualization that results from the processing of data and can be considered as a new practice of drawing, color, computer. As for the networks, they still allow travel or when ubiquity is artistic practice. In the digital age for all, when artists also seized by the diversion, uses or amateur practices.

Program of the day

  • Benoit Labourdette, writer, director and producer: “The mobile audiovisual creativity: Challenges and Opportunities”
  • Laurie Bellanca, and Sylvia Fredikson Kompost collective, collective Orbe: “From the crossing of writing”
  • Julien Levesque, artist / researcher: “Travel (im) mobile”
  • Magali Desbazeille, visual performer, “The Latinized mobinautes”
  • Sophie Lavaud-Forest, visual artist and researcher in digital arts, “Active Matrix, an interactive project applied pedagogy”
  • Aurélien Bambagioni, artist and videographer, “For a long trip with the silver surfer”
  • Adelin Schweitzer, artist, “A-Reality - Altered Paths”
  • Miguel Chevalier, international artist of digital art, “Power Pixels”

  • Moderation of the day: Dominique Moulon expert, critic and teacher.
  • Moderation tweets: Jean-Jacques Paysant DAAC Créteil.
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