INA, iconic college : “Mobile phone is it the future of cinema?” (conference)

10 March 2010. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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March 10, 2010, invited by Serge Tisseron, I made ​​a speech at iconic College INA, on the theme “The mobile phone is it the future of cinema?”.

Text about the intervention

The phone is in almost any pocket at all times. Who forgets his cell phone? Our prosthesis communication leaves us now again. A camera is inserted inside there 5 years. In a short time, all phones have a camera. A camera that is not one. Filmmakers have seized to tell stories, as Méliès had seized Light camera in 1895 to tell stories. For spontaneous movies, “authentic”, which return to the ontology of the image first, and perhaps to a certain essence of representation filmed, so its future.

You can listen to the intervention.

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In 1993 Ina, thirty scholars, researchers, journalists, media professionals gathered at the initiative of Regis Debray, Denel Francis and Marie-José Mondzain in order to establish a research group with aims to reflect on the image, and, in the most open and most diverse most legibly: the iconic College Ina was born.

The sessions are led by iconic College:

  • François Soulages, philosopher,
  • Serge Tisseron psychoanalyst.

Audience: College iconic sessions are reserved for researchers and professionals in the audiovisual quorum members or invited by it.

Conférence « Le téléphone portable est-il l’avenir du cinéma ? »
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