Moulin d’Andé-Ceci : day about “New broadcasters, new creations, new economy?”

18 January 2008. Published by Leny Müh.
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Participation in a roundtable on innovation in dissemination approaches.

The Moulin d’Andé, “Center of cultural meetings”, is a place of poetry, of creation, where artists come for a long time to revitalize and create. A little corner of paradise? For more information, visit the Moulin d’Andé website: [-].

The Moulin d’Andé has a tool, the Ceci (Center for Cinematographic Scripture), which has been organizing residencies for writing and creation since 1998. Ceci website.

On 18 January 2008, the Pôle image Haute Normandie and the Ceci organized a professional meeting day on the theme “New broadcasters, new creations, new economy?”.

I was taking part in this day, as artistic director of the Pocket Films Festival (Forum des images).

What was under discussion, in debate, and especially in construction, were the new challenges, the new opportunities, for the creation at the time of the “digital convergence”.

The day was moderated by Richard Turco, director of the Pôle image Haute Normandie.

  • The debate in which I participated was entitled “Examples of new vectors of diffusion”, with Eric Terrier, producer of web TV in Upper Normandy (Company Biplan - a vitality of creation in the web TV that I did not imagine), myself for the Pocket Films Festival and its particular steps of investigation of new fields for the audio-visual creation, as well as Bruno Atlan, of the site of VOD Universciné, which works on the internet broadcasting of French independent cinema.
  • Then, on the theme “Contents, supports and artistic dimension”, a very beautiful moment of presentation of their artistic work by the three artists: Stéphane Trois Carrés, Arnold Pasquier and Joseph Morder.
  • And finally, a final round table on the subject “Production and financing”, in which Jean des Forêts, producer at Les Films du Requin gave a brilliant presentation of the possibilities of innovation of the diffusion of the cinema on the web, and a finding of delay of the initiatives. There is work, and opportunities to invent. Then, Valérie Bourgoin, CNC (Service of the video game and the digital creation), presented the spirit and the lessons of the multiplatform call for projects launched by the CNC in 2007, whose results will be disclosed soon. Little fiction, especially television projects.

Difficult to summarize a whole day in a few words. The result is a lot of questions. What counts most, no doubt, today, to give itself the means of its ambitions in terms of creation, is to know how to question the established models.

Listen to my speech (duration: 39 minutes):

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