Ramdam Festival: conference and realization of a collective film

26 January 2014. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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The 4th edition of the Ramdam Festival (festival of the disturbing movies), that was held in Tournai Belgium in January 2014, invited me to deliver a lecture “Mobile phone is the future of cinema” , followed by the creation of a collective film in the theater.

Concept of the film

The concept of this film (you can reuse, it is very fun) is that each person films an object, which each give the word. The film is in one single shot, including credits, which causes a great deal of attention to others, an organization of “the relay” of the camera from one to the other (since all part of the film, it must transitions are also interesting), and it allows to watch the film just after its completion.

There was a beautiful intensity, complicity in this collective work, with few spectators, which has to take the time and care to make a great unique team object.

Action performed at the initiative of the Cultural agency Picardy-Wallonia.

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